Skyler Beltran For Utah County Chair

Meet Skyler

Skyler has lived in Utah County for nearly a decade after moving to Provo to attend Utah Valley University. Skyler and his wife Kylie then moved to Lehi in 2016 where they are happily raising their son Madden. 

As an active member of the real estate community, Skyler considers all of Utah County home while helping families achieve the American Dream of home ownership. 

In his free time, Skyler serves the community in many different roles, including Vice-Chair of the Utah County Republican Party, Chair of the Lehi City Parks, Trails and Trees Committee and a recent appointment to the Utah County Board of Adjustments. 

Skyler also enjoys watching sports and traveling.


Assisted our quality Republican candidates to victory in every single elected office in Utah County, including the big Burgess Owens win in Congressional District 4!
Created a stable financial situation through a successful Lincoln Day Dinner along with fiscally responsible spending.
Administered the first ever digital Utah County Convention after the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

Goals For The Party

1. Keep Utah County Conservative 

As a political party, our central focus is to WIN elections. As we see radical ideas like universal income, tax-payer funded abortions and open borders entering our political landscape, it’s more important than ever to ensure our community continues to defend the conservative values that make Utah County a great place to live. 

2. Improve Systems & Data

One of the top issues facing our Party is data. In this modern and digital world, it is imperative that our organization continues to innovate the capturing, storing and using of Party data to assist Republican candidate campaigns. 

3. Ensure Financial Stability 

To accomplish our goals of electing Republican candidates who uphold and defend our Party Platform, we must have the resources needed to WIN elections.

Contact Skyler Beltran


Phone: 707-495-5822